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Journal Articles by G. E. Sarris

G. E. Sarris, J. V. Comas, Z. Tobota, and B. Maruszewski
Results of reparative surgery for tetralogy of Fallot: data from the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery Congenital Database†
European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, 42(5), 766-774, 2012
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Unpublished Papers

A. Kansy, C. z. Eulenburg, G. Sarris, J. P. Jacobs, J. Fragata, Z. Tobota, T. Ebels, and B. Maruszewski
Higher Programmatic Volume in Neonatal Heart Surgery is Associated with Lower Early Mortality
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B. Maruszewski, A. Kansy, T. Ebels, G. Sarris, J. Fragata, J. Jacobs, and Z. Tobota
Paterns of treatment and early outcomes in children with functionally Single Ventricle, ECHSA Single Ventricle study
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G. Sarris, A. Kansy, T. Ebels, J. Jacobs, Z. Tobota, J. Fragata, and B. Maruszewski
The trends in the outcomes of treatment of the Transposition of Great Arteries, Data from ECHSA Congenital Database
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